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Article Writing Secrets free e-book

Article Writing Secrets

Article Writing Secrets

Brought to you by Jeremy Gislason

Writing articles to make money. It’s one of the hottest topics on the internet. And
it’s true, articles are an awesome and easy way to make money online.

Some folks feel intimidated about the thought of putting pen to paper, but I’m
going to tell you about some easy ways to write quality articles. You’ll be cranking
them out in no time.
What good are articles? Well, with them you can…

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Article Writing free e-book Online Manifesto for Biz

The Online Manifesto for Biz

The Online Manifesto for Biz

Web Basics

Step 1 – Web Hosting

Step 2 – Domain

Step 3 – Web Platform;  Blogging

Step 4 – Why Blog?

Step 5 – Blogging Best Practices; Social Media

Step 6 – Setting Up Twitter

Step 7 – Using Twitter Properly
Step 8 – Facebook Profile & Fan Page

Step 9 – Facebook Places; Local SEO
Step 10 – What & Why

Step 11 – Keyword Research (Localized)

Step 12 – SEO Basics

Step 13 – Setting up Google Places

Step 14 – Google Places Best Practices; Mobile Marketing

Step 15 – The Power of Mobile

Step 16 – Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

Step 17 – Mobile Marketing Options


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Free E-Books Traffic Exchange Get More Traffic

Get More Traffic free ebook

Get More Traffic

Get More Traffic 

Set up a blog using WordPress

Post entries regularly

Stay on Topic

Use programs that can post articles for you

Get More Traffic

Free E-Books Traffic Exchange Traffic Fantastic

Traffic Fantastic

Traffic Fantastic

 Traffic Fantastic

Introduction to Web Traffic

What’s All the Fuss About Traffic Anyway?
How to Drive Insane Numbers of Web Traffic

How Much Traffic Is Too Much?

Traffic Fantastic Download Here Traffic Fantastic

Free E-Books Traffic Exchange Traffic Explosion Secrets

Traffic Explosion Secrets

Traffic Explosion Secrets

Traffic Explosion Secrets

The on-site SEO concept

Using articles to drive traffic

Building a network of sites

Social bookmarking

Videos as a viral marketing tool

Social networking


Forum posting

Directory submissions

Blog comments

Get others to do the work for you


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